90L Stainless Steel Bowl with Stainless Steel Frame



    90L Stainless Steel Bowl with Stainless Steel Frame

    • Unbelievably competitive price.
    • Stainless steel grade 316 bowl – joints are fully welded and polished round bar rim for ultimate strength and ease of cleaning.
    • Single or multiple phase electric motor for hassle free operation.
    • Removable/replaceable mixing blades that reach into the corner of the bowl for small batch sizes.
    • Pneumatic tyres.
    • ST&M 90L or 140L stainless bowl, with fully welded seams and 3off internal mixing paddles/blades.
    • The mixer is powered by either a single or three phase 35rpm gearmotor directly mounted to the shaft of the bowl.
    • No more belts, pulleys, crown and pinion gears and the noises that go with them, operation is quiet and smooth.
    • The stainless frame is a fully seal welded, hygienic design, which allows no product to accumulate on its surfaces.
    • This mixer is especially well-suited to and has been developed for dry ingredients mixing application.
    • A variable speed drive option is now available, allowing mixer speed to be adjusted between 14-35rpm.
    • Australian designed and manufactured.


    Stingray CM90FSS/CM140FSS Options
    • Stainless clamp-on lid with food grade rubber seal and toggle latches: $195.00 + GST
    • Variable speed drive control: $640.00 + GST
    • Option for either plastic hub inflatable tyres or nylon wheels.
    • 3 castors


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    Additional information

    Included Wheel Options

    2 Nylon wheels, 2 Plastic hub inflatable tyres


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